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     Zhejiang Wutai Machinery Group is large-sized machinery equipment manta curing enterprise,bejing a subsidiary attachld to Chine Wutai Group,one of the first fitty powers of Zhejiang Packaging Packaging Industry,in September 2002,it passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management Sytem Veritication.

     Wutai Machinery Group Huarui Plastic Machinery Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specializing in producing plastic packaging machinery with a long history. It has advanced technology and good equipment. We stick on the tenant of Provide the Best Quality and Seance.Welcome all friends and customers from home and abroad to our company,and choose our good products.Looking forward to cooperate with customers at home and abroad,march forward hand in hand and create a brilliant future.

    0086 577-65524411

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